BFM #519 South Street Slosh

BFM #519, page 1

BFM #519, page 2

BFM #519, page 3

BFM #519, page 4

BFM #519, page 5

BFM #519, page 6

2 Responses to “BFM #519 South Street Slosh”

  1. Urine Luck says:

    Finally, a trash that although incredibly difficult to read (um, hello… anyone heard of just typing things up?), it was hilarious because of it. More demon dongs, more Batman, more whatever the hell else was going on!

  2. CMen ++ says:

    Urine Luck, if you wanted to type stuff up, you should have nominated yourself for On-Sec! Luckily, all of the Batman- and dick-drawing miscreants are nominated for this coming year’s On-Sec positions!

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