So there aren’t supposed to be “rules” when Hashing, and for the most part this is true, but because we live in a harsh hash world, we at the BFM have decided to layout our traditions so that younger or visitor hashers don’t inadvertently cause issues with our community… specially with the people that give us great deals on beer!

We think these are obvious to most of the population, but some people are just, well… special enough that they may need a refresher.

  • Yes means yes, everything else probably means no. Don’t be fooled by the “No means no”, at the hash, if you want to fondle that tall lanky dude just give him a little heads up, and if he agrees, go for it.
  • The option is special, don’t dilute it by being a naked jackass. Yes, you’re welcome to show us your joke when appropriate, but please for the love of Cause DON’T prance around naked because you have daddy (or any other) issues.
  • Picture are banned from the BFM unless they are taken by a mismanagement designated Hash-Flash. We have many members in sensitive occupations and they may risk their employment if they have inappropriate images online. To eliminate this risk we are banning cameras.
  • Bars are our friends; you, maybe not so much. So we love Philly bars, and we regularly take the hash to places that we actually want to go back to. Don’t be that jackass that gets kicked out, and don’t piss them off.
  • Illegal is illegal, the hash wants no part of it! Seriously, if you do something blatantly against the law, it’s on you and the hash probably won’t want you to come back.
  • Don’t piss our neighbors off. We live in a big city and if we piss off the wrong people, our freedoms may be curtailed by law enforcement or other organizations.

So you’re a wanker and think the BFM is a bitch because they are the only hash that has these “traditions”. Think again, here are some other kennels expectations:

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